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Taekwondo For Kids

Taekwondo for Kids

Age group 7-14
Focus on attention to detail, discipline, and self-esteem
Encourages kids to attain health goals and live healthy lifestyles

Our certified and skilled instructors from the World Taekwondo Federation WILL emphasize on confidence, concentration, and fitness. We know the adolescent time is very challenging and frustrating, with self-doubt definitely a factor. Our programs have been proven to help defeat all negative self-esteem, with concentration exercises that will help train the mind to stick with a task until it is accomplished and done right. We live in a world with technology, which can be a good thing; however, certain activities, such as video gaming, can be detrimental to one’s health if it replaces regular physical exercise. It is very important to set and attain health goals during this crucial time for proper development in order to create an attitude of lifelong healthy habits.

  • Self Control
  • Coordination
  • Commitment to setting and achieving goals
  • Perseverance
  • Focus, Concentration, Respect
  • Integrity