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National Academy Taekwondo
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by Iva M. on National Academy Taekwondo
It was a perfect mach for us.

My daughter was one of the first kids that started in the National Academy Taekwondo school when it fist opened over a year ago. We went to a couple of different martial art schools before we decided that this one is the best for our child. From the very fist class, it was clear that this is the best school. Master J. teaches kids not only Taekwondo moves and technics, but he also builds their self-esteem, appreciation for each other, respect for others, self-discipline, self-defense and honesty. His goal is not only to make them be the best athletes they could be, but to be better people, as well. Classes are very goal-oriented yet fun. Kids enjoy being together and learning about this beautiful sport. After an hour-long class, kids are tired but have a great feeling of accomplishment. It’s fun to watch them build self-confidence and become more flexible and fit. I would highly recommend this school to anyone. It was a perfect mach for us.

by Daniel K. on National Academy Taekwondo
Improve your fitness level and personal life.

My daughter and I started to attend National Academy Taekwondo the day the school opened. I was among the first people in the adult class and my daughter was among the first members of the kids’ class. The reason I started to attend this school was the fact that my daughter was in it.

The main reason I chose to go with this school is their worldwide registration and accreditation, therefore allowing its students to have open doors to any international Taekwondo event, such as Olympic games (this school being one of the very few schools preparing its students to be able to achieve Olympic Games level).

Secondly, the flexibility of classes compared to other schools is unbelievable. For almost the same price, this school allows me to come to unlimited number of classes each week; this compared to other schools where you pay and get a very rigid schedule consisting of two classes a week in general. This being said, students in this school progress much faster towards their goals in Taekwondo, as well as in their personal life. Moreover, they have high standards of discipline and learning in general.

Thirdly, some of my health issues were addressed by my participation in Taekwondo classes. Some of them being: back pain, weight loss, and the overall cardio. I’ve lost 22 pounds within the first four months of attending the classes.

My overall experience at this school has been very positive. I can attend the same school as my daughter, I have been improving my health and I can come to my class any day of the week without any extra changes. I’d greatly recommend this school for anybody who is willing to improve their fitness level and personal life.

by N/A on National Academy Taekwondo
I highly recommend this school for all ages!

My daughter Alisia Sanchez (age 14) first came to National Academy Taekwondo a little over a year ago. She has been in traditional Taekwondo since she was six years old.

This school, by far, is the most disciplined and organized she has been to. She trimmed down quite a bit and actually enjoys class. Master Jared is firm but fair with his students. He teaches respect for yourself and others, as well as self-control; self-defense is also taught, along with the self-control to not fight unless necessary.

I highly recommend this school for all ages!